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EyeSight Vision Care, Issue #012 -- Just Do It - Your Eyes Need Exercise Too
December 10, 2007
What we feed our bodies feeds our eyes.

Many of the vitamins and minerals in our bodies are found in much higher concentrations in our eyes, so a diet lacking in these vitamins and minerals can lead to vision problems as we grow older.

Take the time every day to give your eyes (and the rest of your body) the nutritive support they need.

Eat the foods and take the supplements that provide the antioxidant vitamins and minerals your eyes require.

You’ll Protect Your Eyesight, ensuring years of good eye health, and increasing the odds that you’ll avoid blindness or vision loss for the rest of your life.

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Issue 12

Table of Contents

You Can Improve Your Vision Naturally.

Just Do It - Your Eyes Need Exercise Too.

By now you've learned that there are many causes of bad vision.

Watching TV, computer use, reliance on optical correction from glasses and contacts, as well as the normal aging process all contribute to weak and distorted vision.

Integral components of the eye are not stimulated but instead suffer from a narrow range of use, in the same way that repetitive mousing and typing tasks on the computer can lead to tendonitis in the arm and, eventually, carpal tunnel.

While the information contained in this newsletter can help you decide to start taking care of your eyesight, it will not reverse the cycle of deterioration your eyesight is now experiencing.

The only way to do that is, well - to just "Do It."

After all, if you don't take action to improve your eyesight, it's only going to get worse.

And the way you can take action is to exercise your eyes.

Think of strengthening your eyes the same way you would your abs or pecs.

Just as you exercise your body at the gym or practice yoga in order to improve muscle tone, agility, range of motion, and flexibility, so too can your eyes benefit tremendously from daily exercise - improving the clarity of your vision.

Designed to reverse the stresses placed upon the optical system, the vision-rebuilding process fortifies your eyes in ways that would never be achieved through normal daily activities.

Here's how the exercises work:

*Your eyes' focusing abilities are controlled by a series of internal muscles.

*If your eyes are not properly maintained, they can break down, just like the other muscles that help your body function.

*Due to many stresses put upon the visual system, the use of glasses and contacts, close vision work, and the natural aging process, the eye muscles become weak, rigid, and distorted, causing blurred vision.

*Special optical exercises are designed to strengthen and train these muscles-just as you would any other weak muscle in your body-redirecting your point of focus and helping you to see clearly without corrective lenses.

Except you don't need a gym membership to stop the cycle of eyesight deterioration!

At Vision for Life it can be difficult for busy people to fit exercise into their schedules... and their budgets.

That's why, unlike other programs that require expensive equipment, a huge time commitment, or a Ph.D. on hand to translate complicated instructions, the Vision for Life program was designed as a series of easy eye exercises you can do yourself - anywhere, at any time, in just a few minutes.

The customized training programs give you step-by-step instructions to solve specific problems such as nearsightedness, astigmatism, and aging vision.

Illustrations make it a breeze to learn the exercises.

You even get a training log and an eye chart to measure your progress-because seeing tangible results is a huge incentive to meet your goals!

The following is a link to Vision for Life. Natural Vision Correction
Amazingly Simple Natural Vision Improvement Program Helps Thousands

Your eyes will thank you.

In your next newsletter, you'll see just how many organizations- including the American Optometric Association and the U.S. Public Health Service-recognize natural vision therapy.

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