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EyeSight Vision Care, Issue #006 -- 20/20 Vision Explained
June 10, 2007
What we feed our bodies feeds our eyes.

Many of the vitamins and minerals in our bodies are found in much higher concentrations in our eyes, so a diet lacking in these vitamins and minerals can lead to vision problems as we grow older.

Take the time every day to give your eyes (and the rest of your body) the nutritive support they need.

Eat the foods and take the supplements that provide the antioxidant vitamins and minerals your eyes require.

You’ll Protect Your Eyesight, ensuring years of good eye health, and increasing the odds that you’ll avoid blindness or vision loss for the rest of your life.

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Issue 6

Table of Contents

You Can Improve Your Vision Naturally.

20/20 Vision Explained.

Herman Snellen, a Dutch ophthalmologist, designed the first eye chart, which measures visual acuity.

Referred to as the Snellen Chart, it was developed in 1862 and is still used today.

He set the baseline of measurement at 20 feet, the approximate distance at which light rays entering the eye are parallel and do not require our eyes to bend the rays to focus them upon the retina.

Snellen set the standard of 20/20 vision to represent "normal sight," or what a person with normal vision could see at a distance of 20 feet. (Weber, Humphrey, and Silver, 1997)

This means that a person with 20/40 vision must be 20 feet away to read what he or she should be able to read at 40 feet; a person with 20/85 vision must be 20 feet away to read what he or she should be able to read at 85 feet away, and so on.

This standard does not measure visual acuity at close distances.

Similar charts were devised with smaller letters to read at close range for the measurement of near vision.

A Snellen Chart is included in the Vision for Life program so that you can measure your vision as it improves.

We've also included a log for you to record your progress.

Seven other optical tools and charts are also included in the package.

The charts that are included have a special glare-free laminate to ensure your ability to perform the exercises under all lighting conditions.

Each one is used to perform the different eye exercises and vision improvement techniques.

You can get the program delivered to your front door within two to three days and start the exercises within about 10-15 minutes from when you open the package.

You'll be amazed at how easily and quickly your vision improves.

And I feel good about offering it. Natural Vision Correction
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Take the first step to improving your vision -- for life.

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