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Making the decision to get cosmetic eyelid plastic surgery is not always easy. The thing about cosmetic surgeries is that, since they don't provide any medical benefit whatsoever, they end up being a simple matter of vanity, and due to the cost of some of the procedures they tend to come with a bit of buyer's remorse at the end. If you have made the decision to get the surgery done though, you can rest assured that there isn't very much to worry about in terms of side effects or negative complications. Cosmetic eyelid plastic surgery is relatively safe, and by following the exact instructions of your surgeon you can pretty much avoid any risk of infection that may otherwise be present.

Cosmetic surgery has been around for a long time, but recently the concept has picked up a lot of steam. Technological innovations have made the procedures safer, faster, and more affordable, opening it up to a wider cross section of the population. These days it's easier for anyone to have cosmetic eyelid plastic surgery performed.

If you've been thinking about getting the surgery done, there are some things you need to know about it to protect your eyesight as much as possible. First of all, it's vitally important that you work with a certified facial plastic surgeon, with stress on the facial. Just because a surgeon may have experience working with other areas of the human body does not mean that he or she is qualified to work with the face. Similarly, the surgeon you work with should have a history of successful eyelid surgeries in particular, since the same concept applies with the various areas of the face.

During your initial consultation with your surgeon, feel free to ask any questions you might have about his history. He should be open and friendly with the information, and if you feel like he's trying to hide something it's usually better to back out and be safe about it. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery is a fairly high profile occupation, so a Google search of the surgeon you're considering for your cosmetic eyelid plastic surgery should give you plenty of information about him. If anyone has a botched surgery from a particular doctor, he or she usually won't hesitate to write a negative review about it online to let other people know.

Now, before your surgery, you'll have a brief meeting with an anesthesiologist. This will be your last chance to ask any questions, because from this point on you're practically on the operating table. You'll probably receive a tranquilizer or sedative to calm your nerves right before the surgery, and during the operation you'll likely be receiving an IV drip with a sedative as well. You will still be conscious during the procedure, but you should feel calm and at ease. The surgeon will make incisions along the natural creases of your eye to make it less visible. He'll likely cut through a membrane covering the eye known as the conjunctiva.

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