Macular Degeneration Glasses and Contacts do they work?

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You can get Macular Degeneration Glasses and contact Lenses made to suit your needs even though you have had dry eyes for some time or have just been diagnosed with this.

Are you suffering from dry eyes syndrome?

A lot of people, especially Caucasians tend to suffer from dry eyes or dry macular.

Macular Degeneration Glasses and Dry eye contact lenses tend to differ according to the kind of

dry eye condition you have.

A lot of contact lenses and glass manufacturers spend a lot of R&D; to develop the correctly applicable dry eye contact lens and

Eyeglass Lens.

Since numerous factors contribute to dry eye syndrome, it is difficult to determine the 'perfect' dry eye contact lens or macular degeneration glasses, or even standardize it for every one.

Looking at the bright side, macular degeneration glasses and contact lenses are specifically designed for most diverse types of Dry Eye Care.

So, there's a good chance that there will be a pair available for you.

To put it simply, to have Dry Eyes is to have a deficiency of tears on your eye or eyes.

In a few cases, it is due to a slow rate of tear production, for others it's due to quick evaporation of the tears produced by the eye, and for some it is just a matter of poor tear quality.

These factors have to be taken into account when you set out to choose the right macular degeneration glasses for yourself, and they have to be such that they do not aggravate the cause behind your dry eyes syndrome.

In a lot of cases, lenses such as the Proclear Compatibles produced by cooper vision, or their Extreme H2O contact lenses will remain quite moist through the day, and be comfortable for dry eye patients.

These lenses have both been produced with plastic having high water content, and can preserve moisture through the entire day.

These type of lenses have been especially developed keeping the dry eye contact lens wearer's interest at heart.

The latest type of soft contact lenses available are the Silicone Hydrogel type.

Silicone Hydrogels do not inherently dehydrate as easily as most other types of soft lenses and can prove to be much more comfortable.

If the correct type of silicone lens are used in conjunction with a good conditioning solution system, it can prove helpful to a lot of people who have dry eyes.

Another path you can choose is to get lens which have very low content.

The idea behind this is that a lens which needs less water, is bound to use less moisture from your eye.

As an example, a lens which has around 38% of water content is less likely to use tears from our eye to keep itself moist when compared to a contact lens which has say 55% or more water content, as this is more likely to absorb more moisture from our eye, thereby compounding the dry eye syndrome.

Simply put, dry eyes are a retinal condition that can cause the eye to appear reddish, and feel rough.

Sometimes, this is nothing but a side effect of certain medication that a patient might have been taking, or perhaps an over-the-counter drug currently being used by the patient.

For a lot of people who use contact lens, this can turn out to be a bigger problem more complex in nature.

For this reason, it is always recommended that people who wear contact lens should use contact drops which contain artificial tears.

This enables you to avoid having a dry eye condition over time. Of course, you have to check whether the drops you are using are meant for contact lens, or else they could end up discoloring your lens with use.

A Viscous Cycle Indeed.

The sad truth is that long-term use of contact lens is one of the biggest reasons for dry eyes.

This is the most common grievance of people who wear contact lens. Recent research has shown us that wearing contact lens and having dry eyes are part of a vicious cycle.

One directly causes the other, but since we cannot do without our contact lens as we need them to see properly, we continue to wear them, further aggravating our dry eye syndrome over time.

In turn, our dry eye syndrome causes our contact lens to feel uncomfortable, and this results in our rubbing the lenses against the conjunctiva, causing further irritation to our dry eyes.

Dry eye syndrome is also found to be more prevalent in women, which could be as a direct result of hormone fluctuations taking place in a woman's body.

A few other reasons include smoking which has been found to largely increase the risk of a person developing dry eye syndrome - another reason to quit.

Eye doctors have also seen that people with dry eyes are more compatible in using contact lens which have lower water content.

These theories have been considered incorrect by many, as well as somewhat controversial, since the exact opposite has also been claimed by a few researchers.

A few practitioners have also claimed the lens tends to suit people better, especially for those with dry eyes, as it thickens over time.

It is also widely theorized that dry eyes and dry macular are also related to each other, though dry macular degeneration is a phenomenon that largely plagues the older age group of Caucasians over other races.

A known cure for having dry eyes is lachrymal or punctual occlusion through which you stop the tears from draining in our eyes to enable us to retain the moisture that occurs naturally in our eyes.

This simple procedure takes just a few minutes, and can be comfortably done in your practitioners' office.

I hope you found this Macular Degeneration Glasses information helpful.

Learn which eye vitamins naturally improve eye health. The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula was designed to improve vision and eye health, and help people with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Cataracts.

Learn which eye vitamins naturally improve eye health. The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula was designed to improve vision and eye health, and help people with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Cataracts.
Learn which eye vitamins naturally improve eye health. The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula was designed to improve vision and eye health, and help people with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Cataracts.

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