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Protect Your Eyesight

Close to 75% of North Americans believe that their sight is the most important sense they have.

And they’re right.

About 80% of what we perceive through our senses comes from our sight.

Yet only about 40% of North Americans have an annual Eye Care Exam, and a full 85% admit that they do not care for their eyes as much as they should.

The aim of this web site, Protect Your Eyesight, is to improve those percentages so that fewer people develop preventable Eye Diseases, and so that those who do develop an Eyesight Disorder can slow the progression and lessen the symptoms of the Eyesight Problem.

In other words, my goal is to keep you from being one of the millions of North Americans (and people around the world) who are blind or have a vision impairment that could have been prevented.

I want you to Protect your Eyesight so that you can have many more years to use your most valuable sense.

You can protect your eyesight
and prevent eye disease...

Yes you can reduce your risk of developing Eye Diseases such as Cataracts, Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration by following the steps that help you protect your vision.

Focus On What’s Important

What we feed our bodies feeds our eyes. Many of the Vitamins and Minerals in our bodies are found in much higher concentrations in our eyes, so a diet lacking in these Vitamins For Eyes and minerals can lead to Vision Problems as we grow older.

Take the time every day to give your eyes (and the rest of your body) the nutritive support they need.

Eat the foods and take the Vision Supplements that provide the Eye Health Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals your eyes require.

You’ll protect your vison, ensuring years of good eye health, and increasing the odds that you’ll avoid blindness or Loss of Vision for the rest of your life.

But foods and supplements are just part of the answer of How To Improve Your Eyesight.

Lifestyle changes, like reducing stress, will improve your eye health.

Avoiding bad habits (such as smoking), and develop good habits such as juicing, and wearing sunglasses when outside.

In this site, you will find the information and tips you need to ensure that you and your family can avoid vision impairment and enjoy years of worry-free sight.

If you already suffer from an eye disease, you’ll find information on how to halt its progression and possibly reverse some of its effects on your vision.

The information available on this website is provided for information and learning purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice.

Protect Your EyeSight
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Vision Story Share Your Story To Help Other People so that it might help others
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