Historic Facts About Eyesight
and Some Interesting People

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You can learn more about eyesight by reading how these people played a part in the history of what some of us take for granted today.

Alec Templeton – Born into blindness, Alec Templeton developed an interest in music at an early age. Through dedication and hard work, he became a very influential composer in both the UK and the United States. Read more about his story here.

Albrecht von Graefe – As the youngest student in the history of the University of Berlin, Albrecht von Graefe quickly became interested in learning about eyesight and how certain diseases came about. He went on to pioneer a new method of Cataract Surgery.

Allvar Gullstrand – Nobel Prize winner Allvar Gullstrand was a Swedish ophthalmologist who developed several groundbreaking medical devices that are still used in ophthalmology more than 100 years later. He was also responsible for developing several theories about eyesight and how your eyes work.

Ben Underwood – Often considered a modern miracle, Ben Underwood developed retinal cancer at the age of two that eventually completely robbed him of his eyesight. Rather than accepting his condition, Ben began to use a form of echolocation to actually “see” his surroundings based on sounds. He was an avid mountain biker, and you can read more about his incredible story here.

Charles Schepens – As a Belgian ophthalmologist, Charles Schepens eventually came to be regarded as the father of ophthalmology due to the groundbreaking work that he did in the field during his career. He is responsible for most of the tools that eye doctors still use today.

Claude Monet – Perhaps one of the most influential painters of the Impressionist period, Monet developed a condition known as Cataracts during his painting career. This caused a perceptible shift in his painting style, creating some of the most famous works of art in the world. You can read more about his incredible life here.

Daniel Kish – is an inspiring man who accomplished a lot in his life in spite of his blindness. He was one of the first blind men to bring the concept of human echolocation to the modern world, using tapping noises and listening to the echoes to create a mental image of the world around him.

Frederick Hollows – is a man who went above and beyond the call of duty in order to help the people of Australia and New Zealand with their Vision Problems. Recognizing that there was very limited Eye Care available in these regions, he made it his mission to provide quality eye care to the entire area, and has opened several institutions and foundations in his name.

Harold Ridley – Known worldwide as the inventor of the artificial intraocular lens, Harold Ridley received his medical degree and then went on to become the first surgeon in the history of the world to replace a human ocular lens after Cataract Surgery Read on to see some more of the amazing contributions that Harold Ridley made to modern ophthalmology.

Helen Keller – Possibly the most famous blind person in history, Helen Keller was a girl who was born blind, deaf, and mute. Most people are either blind or deaf, allowing them one means of sensory input. With the help of her tutor and mentor Anne Sullivan, Helen learned to use tough to learn, and eventually wrote a book about her experiences.

Ioannis Pallikaris – One of the most famous vision treatments, Lasik, would not have been possible were it not for the contributions of this man. He developed the entire procedure and became the first ophthalmologist to use it successfully on a patient. Lasik Surgery is now a common option for Cataracts and other Eyesight Disorders.

James Holman – is one of the first modern examples that we have of human echolocation. In his 20's he developed an illness that took his eyesight, and then went on to become one of the most famous travelers and writers of his era. His accomplishments are truly amazing for anybody, never mind the fact that he was blind.

Louis Braille – is known for his system of writing and reading that he developed for blind people. Braille uses a system of raised dots that a blind person can feel. He developed the entire system by the time he was 15 years old, making him one of the youngest contributors to the field about eyesight in the world.

Marshall Miller Parks – If Charles Schepens is the father of ophthalmology, Marshall Parks is the father of child's ophthalmology. He began learning about eyesight in relation to pediatrics while he was in medical school. He developed a lot of the techniques used in Childrens Eye Care before passing away in 2005.

Orlin Sorensen – Rejected by the Navy because of his poor eyesight, Orlin Sorensen soon discovered the ability of simple Eyesight Exercises to Protect Your Eyesight. He developed a program called Rebuild Your Vision to teach people how to restore poor eyesight through those same exercises.

Stevie Wonder – Often considered one of the most influential jazz and blues musicians of his time. Born blind, Stevie Wonder developed an early interest in music and learned how to play the piano, drums, bass, and harmonica. His voice is one of the most recognizable in the world.

Sushruta – Many of the ophthalmology techniques that we use today would not be possible were it not for the early contributions of Sushruta, an Indian surgeon. He wrote a book called the Sushruta Samhita which detailed over 70 Vision Disorders. Read more about eyesight and his amazing story here.

Syed Modasser Ali – brought ophthalmology to the forefront of medical knowledge in Bangladesh, forming the first eye hospital in the country. Like many famous ophthalmologists, Syed pioneered numerous techniques for ocular surgery, which are still in use today.

William H Bates – In the late 19th century developed the Bates Method which is a system that uses a specific routine of Vision Exercises to “work out” the eye and Improve Vision. Read more about eyesight, this system and how it could help your eyesight.

Thomas Pryor Gore – was a famous blind senator from Oklahoma who followed his dream of entering into politics despite his blindness. He earned the nickname “The Blind Cowboy” due to his uncanny ability to behave just like a normal person.

William Moon – Blinded when he was 21 years old, Dr. William Moon went on to develop his own system of reading for the blind, similar to that of Louis Braille. Moon's system never caught on as well as braille, but it is still widely regarded as a great accomplishment.

I hope you found these articles about eyesight interesting.

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Learn which eye vitamins naturally improve eye health. The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula was designed to improve vision and eye health, and help people with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Cataracts.
Learn which eye vitamins naturally improve eye health. The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula was designed to improve vision and eye health, and help people with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Cataracts.

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