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One of the most crucial phases of eyelid cosmetic surgery is without a doubt the recovery period. The preparation for a surface cosmetic procedure like this is usually minimal, and the surgery itself should only last a few hours. After the surgery is when the real struggle starts though. Here you have to spend a week or two taking it easy and taking a few special precautions as outlined by your surgeon. Here are some of the things that you can expect when you are recovering from eyelid cosmetic surgery.

As soon as the surgery is done, you'll be escorted to a recovery room at the clinic or hospital where you had the procedure completed. You can expect to spend a few hours here as the anesthesia wears off so that a nurse can monitor your immediate response to the surgery. If there are any complications, even slight ones, you might be asked to spend the night at the clinic in order to undergo further observation. Eyelid cosmetic surgery is pretty safe compared to other treatments, so this doesn't happen very often, but you should know that it's still a possibility. If everything looks fine, you'll most likely be checked out with a clean bill of health to head home, although you'll need someone to drive you to your house.

One of the harmless side effects of the surgery is an hour or two of blurry vision. If your surgeon has been doing this for awhile, this should be one of the first things he tells you about so you don't panic for no reason. Eyelid cosmetic surgery makes use of a type of lubricant that makes it easier to work around the eyes. This lubricant will make your vision blurry for awhile, but it doesn't pose any threat to your eyes or your long term vision. If your vision does not begin to clear after a few hours though, you should immediately tell your doctor what's happening.

Another side effect you'll probably have to experience is due to the effects of the anesthesia wearing off after the surgery. This can have a range of different effects in people, so you might experience symptoms as varied as emotional discomfort all the way up to physical nausea. Most clinics are prepared for this type of contingency, so while you're in the recovery room just let the nurse know what's going on with you and she'll be able to give you some medications to help cope with the side effects.

Upon returning home, you'll be advised to keep any unnecessary stress away from your eyelids. In fact, you should probably stay home from work or school for at least a few days after the surgery while the changes are assimilated into your body. Be sure that your schedule allows you to take a few days of absence. Failing to do this might not be harmful, but it will definitely slow down your recovery time and might increase your risk of infection from the surgery.

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