Is LASIK Surgery Right for You?

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Is LASIK Surgery Right for You?

Many patients are very satisfied with the improved quality of life that they experience after LASER Surgery.

Read on to decide whether LASER Surgery is right for you.

The different types of LASER Surgery

There are two basic types of surgery: Standard LASIK and Custom LASIK.

With either type, the preparation work and post-operative procedures are similar.

The difference between the procedures involves the customization of the laser.

Eye in the process of getting laser surgery
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Standard LASIK

Prior to the scheduled procedure date, the eye surgeon meets with patient to re-test for certain problems with eyesight and eye diseases.

When it's confirmed that the patient meets the requirements, a procedure date is set.

On the day of the procedure, the eye doctor may perform another corneal topography to confirm that nothing has changed that would require changing the procedure.

Three types of eye drops are then administered. The drops anesthetize the eye, protect your eyesight from post-operative inflammation and protect the eye from infection.

Next, the patient reclines and the laser is positioned overhead with the eye surgeon above it.

To remove the flap, the patient's eye must first be stabilized. The eye is kept from blinking by placing it into a restrainer.

Suction is administered to the eyeball and the microkeratome makes one swift slice across the top of the cornea.

The resulting flap (which should still be hinged to the eye) is pulled away with tiny tweezers.

The laser then emits a pre-determined number of laser pulses to remove the excess tissue, a process which takes literally seconds.

The flap is pulled back into place and saline solution clears the eye of any debris.

The eye is covered and the procedure is finished unless the other eye is receiving a LASIK Surgery treatment.

Custom LASIK Surgery

In standard LASIK, the computer inside the laser determines the number and location of laser pulses based solely on the patient's prescription.

With custom LASIK, the eye surgeon creates a three-dimensional image of the eye.

The image results are then fed into the laser's computer and the patient receives a laser treatment that is truly customized to that eye.

Risks and Complications of LASIK Surgery

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with LASIK Surgery.

The procedure may under- or over-treat the eye. Under-treatments can be corrected with additional surgery however over treatment generally results in the patient needing to continue wearing corrective lenses.

Loss of vision or compromised vision, especially at night, are other risks. Dry eye syndrome can develop.

And vision that has been surgically corrected may decline over time. Another serious risk involves using an inexperienced ophthalmologist.

Tips on selecting a LASIK Surgery surgeon

Get referrals from people you trust and then make arrangements to interview several candidates.

Make the most of the pre-procedure consultation. Prepare a list of questions to ask each surgeon and record the answers.

It's important to understand what care the ophthalmologist intends to provide during all stages of surgery: before, during and afterwards as well as all costs.

Remember that low cost doesn't mean top quality. Your eyesight is far too valuable to allow cost to be the determining factor.

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