Lower Eyelid Plastic Surgery

Lower eyelid plastic surgery is a common surgical procedure that promises to add a healthful look of youth and vitality to aging, sagging eyelids. It's one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures because it is relatively easy to complete and is practically noninvasive compared to other procedures of a similar type. If you're thinking about getting some surgery like this done but are worried about the long term effects that it might have, or if you want to experience the positive benefits but want to protect your eyesight as much as possible, there isn't much that you really have to worry about. As long as you follow the instructions appropriately and allow yourself plenty of time for recovery, there is a very low incidence of risk and harmful side effects associated with lower eyelid plastic surgery.

Scheduling an appointment is often the hardest step with cosmetic surgeries because you have to go through a constant period of doubt and uncertainty as to whether or not you really want to get the surgery in the first place. Since cosmetic surgeries don't provide any intrinsic health benefits, they are purely performed for vanity reasons, giving you a lot of room for doubt as to whether it's really the best option for you at that time.

The first thing you want to do is shop around for a qualified plastic surgeon that you can trust to perform the surgery correctly. The field of cosmetic surgery is getting more regulated all the time, but there is still the possibility that you might get stuck with an inexperienced surgeon who has a history of botched surgeries. The fastest and easiest way to tell if a surgeon is qualified is if the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery certify him, a national organization set in place to regulate the field of blepharoplasty and other facial reconstructive procedures.

Once you have chosen a surgeon, request a packet of information about the procedure. This should be relatively in-depth so that you can get a good idea of what you can expect before, during, and after your lower eyelid plastic surgery. You should get a breakdown of the procedure itself, the time it will take, your expected recovery time, the cost, and a list of items that you should avoid leading up to the day of surgery. You might be asked to stop smoking for a few days if you are a smoker, and you should definitely keep away from anything that thins your blood. Aspirin and many over the counter pain relievers are known to have blood-thinning effects.

Once the surgery has been completed you have to go through a period of rest and recovery to allow the incisions to heal. You should ideally take some time off work for this, because the simple act of going into the office can put a lot of stress on your eyelids. Lower eyelid plastic surgery is a relatively simple procedure that can give a lot of positive benefits.

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