Macular Degeneration Prevention is Possible
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Macular Degeneration Prevention needs to start early in your life by eating lots of green leafy vegetables.

There are two commonly occurring types of Macular Degeneration.

One is "dry" Macular and the other is "wet." Macular.

The National Eye Institute has found that around ninety percent of people who suffer from Macular Degeneration are known to have dry Macular Degeneration.

This happens when the light-sensitive cells found in our macula begin to collapse due to this Eye Disease, causing a steady Loss of Vision slowly over the years.

Dry macular degeneration takes place first in just one of our eyes, and might not necessarily affect our other eye at a later point in time.

Though the chief cause of dry macular degeneration is still not known, we have also been unable to find a cure.

No effective Macular Degeneration Treatment is available to stop the degenerative factor of the disease.

At the same time, research has shown that consuming high doses of vitamins C, E, beta-carotene, and zinc (along with copper) help in reducing risk for both types of AMD by up to 25 percent.

This will help you in keeping the disease at bay.

If you feel that you could be at risk as far as developing advanced AMD is concerned, and you already suffer from transitional AMD, or have got advanced AMD in either or both eyes, you should consult your health care professional about whether you need to take large doses of required vitamin and mineral Eye Supplements.

The Age-Related Eye Disease Study, which is funded largely by The National Eye Institute, tracked around 3,640 patients with at least basic AMD for more than five years.

Patients who had developed high risk for advanced AMD, that is, those who already had intermediate AMD in conjunction with advanced AMD in a single eye, were shown to reduce their chances of getting to the advanced stages of AMD by a whopping twenty-five percent when they consumed daily doses of antioxidant and mineral supplements which contained at least

  • 500 mg of vitamin C,
  • 400 mg of vitamin E,
  • 15 mg of beta-carotene,
  • 80 mg of zinc (in the form of zinc oxide)
  • and 2 mg of copper (in the form of cupric oxide).

This preparation is not recommended for consumption by smokers, and patients should always consult their own health care professional or physician before they begin consuming any supplements.

It has been seen that it is possible to treat a few cases of wet type of age-related macular degeneration using thermal laser surgery or photodynamic laser therapy, though vision that has been lost cannot be regained.

These forms of treatment slow down the rate of Eyesight Loss, and can help you maintain primary sight for a longer period of time.

For these treatments to be more effective, it is imperative that your wet AMD condition is caught early enough, before it has spread to a section of your macula where treatment cannot be given.

It is important to note that laser treatment tends to work best when your leaking blood vessels haven't grown below your macula.

Macular degeneration is one of the leading causes of partial blindness in the United States.

In the United States, It is the leading cause of severe Loss of Vision, even legal blindness, in people over 65 and affects about 6 percent of Americans between the ages of 65 and 75, and accounts for 14 percent of all new cases of blindness, with 16,000 cases reported annually.

Although the actual causes have not yet been determined, some scientists say that it can be prevented by avoiding frequent exposure to sunlight and by stopping smoking.

Eating lots of green vegetables and carrots as part of a well balanced diet is very beneficial for the eyes and can help Macular Degeneration Prevention.

Lots of doctors suggest vitamin supplements to patients above 50 for Macular Degneration Prevention (ARMD).

Lutein for Vision is the substance that deters macular degeneration more effectively and although abundant in leafy green vegetables, lutein cannot easily be extracted and purified.

However, it is now commonly found in many vitamin pills. Even though for younger people the lutein is generated naturally, as one grows older it slows, and eventually stops being produced naturally.

As a result, supplements are required in addition to balanced diets.

Another way of Macular Degeneration Prevention is by checking the development of drusen in the eye.

As there is no effective treatment, preventive measures are required to keep it in check.

Preventive measures include non-smoking; exercising and maintaining the maximum possible blood flow to the back of the eye.

Minimizing the amount of sunlight that strikes The Retina is another way of Macular Degeneration Prevention.

Learn which eye vitamins naturally improve eye health. The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula was designed to improve vision and eye health, and help people with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Cataracts.

Learn which eye vitamins naturally improve eye health. The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula was designed to improve vision and eye health, and help people with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Cataracts.
Learn which eye vitamins naturally improve eye health. The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula was designed to improve vision and eye health, and help people with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Cataracts.

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