Protect Your Eye Sight Information

No matter what age you are, learning how to protect your eye sight from the deteriorating effects of macular degeneration is one of the most important things you can do. There are a lot of different ways you can protect your vision, and some of the most effective ones are listed below.

Avoid Eye Drops

As counterintuitive as it may seem, artificial tears and eye drops can actually make your dry eyes condition a lot worse. When your eyes come to depend on something, their natural response is to do just that: depend on it. So when you are constantly lubricating your eyes with artificial tears, your eyes will decrease their own production of natural tears because they aren't needed any more. Eventually, this will have an incredibly negative effect on your vision, especially when you finally stop using eye drops. There are also chemicals in many brands of eye drops that can do damage to your cornea and lens if they are used constantly.

Take a Break From Your Glasses

Using the same principles as the eye drops, if you wear glasses all the time your eyes will become naturally dependent on them. When this happens, your eyes won't work as hard because, well, there's no need. It's a biological phenomenon that any living thing will take the path of least resistance. Your glasses will become a crutch for your eyes, and as a result your ocular muscles that work to focus your eyes will start to weaken over time.

You can take a break from using your glasses whenever you're not doing something that absolutely depends on them, like driving. If you have incredibly bad vision, you should only do this in your house or office where there is no chance of getting hurt. You can also try some easy eye exercises to help your muscles become stronger. A few times a day try to focus on something far away and see it clearly. Immediately after doing this, cover your eyes with your hand to block out all light for about a minute, allowing them to rest. Then, try to focus on the distant object another time. This only takes about two minutes to do, and it's a way to protect your eye sight that can be practiced on a daily basis.

Use a Multivitamin

Your eyes, like every other organ in your body, are dependent on the right mix of vitamins and minerals to operate at peak efficiency. If you really want to protect your eye sight, you should focus on making sure to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables every day, but in lieu of that you can also supplement with a multivitamin. In addition to a variety of amino acids, your eyes also need plenty of zinc, selenium, vitamin C, and vitamin E to be as healthy as possible. A good multivitamin brand should contain adequate quantities of all of these nutrients, as well as plenty of others that will promote overall health in the rest of your body. I hope this protect your eye sight information was helpful.

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