Helpful and Informative Books

There are literally hundreds of books on eye diseases and eye health. Some were written for professionals, some for students, and some for you and me. I've selected a few that I think you will find helpful and informative.

Check you library or local bookstore for them. If you can't find them locally, you can buy them from Amazon using the links I have provided on each page.

I've divided them into the following categories:

General Eye Health

The first two are on general eye health and eye care. I included the third one because of its section on helping glaucoma sufferers.

Mayo Clinic on Vision and Eye Health: Practical Answers on Glaucoma, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration and Other Conditions, Helmut Buettner (Editor)

The Eye Care Revolution: Prevent and Reverse Common Vision Problems by Robert Abel Jr., M.D.

Get It Up! Revealing the Simple Surprising Lifestyle that Causes Migraines, Alzheimer's, Stroke, Glaucoma, Sleep Apnea, Impotence...and More! by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer


Two good books on cataracts and how to deal with them.

Cataracts: A Patient’s Guide to Treatment by David F. Chang, M.D. and Howard Gimbel, M.D.

Cataracts: From Diagnosis to Recovery — The Complete Guide for Patients and Their Families by Julius Shulman, M.D.


Three useful books for learning more about glaucoma and how to deal with it.

Coping with Glaucoma by Edith Marks and Rita Montauredes

Glaucoma: A Patient’s Guide to the Disease by Graham E. Trope

Glaucoma: The Guide to Saving Your Sight by Ifeoma Ezekwo, M.D.

Macular Degeneration

Three books that will help you prevent, halt or slow the progression of this disease.

See Again!: Reversing and Preventing Macular Degeneration by Alexander M. Eaton, M.D.

Living Well with Macular Degeneration: Practical Tips and Essential Information by Dr. Bruce P. Rosenthal and Kate Kelly

Healing the Eye the Natural Way: Alternate Medicine and Macular Degeneration by Edward C. Kondrot, M.D.

Free Radicals and Antioxidants

Four books that discuss antioxidants. The first addresses the powers of antioxidants to improve the immune system and overall health. The second one is a cookbook that will help you get all the antioxidants you can from your food.

The third discusses greens and the powers they have to heal. The fourth deals specifically with bilberry and lutein.

Reverse the Aging Process Naturally: How to Build the Immune System With Antioxidants — The Supernutrients of the Nineties by Gary Null

The Antioxidant Save-Your-Life Cookbook: 150 Nutritious Recipes to Protect Yourself Against the Damaging Effects of Free Radicals by Jane Kinderlehrer and Daniel A. Kinderlehrer

Greens Are Good For You!: How Green Power Protects You Against Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Macular Degeneration, Poor Night Vision, Senile Dementia, Liver Disease, and Fatigue by Earl L. Mindell, R.Ph., Ph.D. and Tony O'Donnell

Bilberry and Lutein: The Vision Enhancers! Protect Against Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Retinopathy and Other Health Problems by Beth M. Ley, Ph.D.

Herbal Treatments and Nutrition

Three good books, especially the first one, on herbal and alternative treatments, including ones for cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook: Everything You Need to Know About Chinese, Western, and Ayurvedic Herbal Treatments by Alan Keith Tillotson, Ph.D., A.H.G., D.Ay., Nai-shing Hu Tillotson, O.M.D., L.Ac., and Robert Abel Jr., M.D.

The Herbal Drugstore: The Best Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medicines! by Linda B. White, M.D. and Steven Foster

Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Revised 2nd Edition by Michael Murray, N.D. and Joseph Pizzorno, N.D.


Four books that should help you get juicing to protect your eyesight.

The Joy of Juicing: Creative Cooking With Your Juicer by Gary Null and Shelly Null

The Joy of Juicing: Recipe Guide: Creative Cooking With Your Juicer by Gary Null

The Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing for Health: Unleashing the Healing Power of Whole Fruits and Vegetables by Cherie Calbom

Ultimate Juicing: Delicious Recipes for Over 125 of the Best Fruit and Vegetable Juice Combinations by Donna Pliner Rodnitzky