Developing Good Habits

By developing good habits, you're augmenting the eye protection benefits of the foods you eat and the nutritional supplements you take.


Exercise is an important aspect, along with reduced fat intake, in your overall general health. It also makes a sizable contribution to good eye health.

Protecting Your Eyes from Light

UV and visible light can wreak havoc on your eyes, from clouding your lenses to contributing to macular degeneration. Sunglasses and a hat will help you protect your eyesight.

Getting Juiced on Juicing

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices can give you a huge antioxidant boost by concentrating them, so you get more.

Learn how to make eating nutritious foods and supplementing your diet easier.

Buying Nutritious Foods

The freshest fruits and vegetables have the most nutrients and antioxidants. By buying locally, you're getting the freshest produce and supporting your local farmers.

Taking Your Supplements Regularly

There are ways to ensure that you take your supplements every day for optimal eye health.