Getting Juiced on Juicing

If you enjoy a tall cold one, why not try getting juiced a different way. Try a tall cold glass of juice, or a fruit smoothie.

Fruit and vegetable juices give you all the antioxidant vitamins, carotenoids and minerals that eating them does, with the advantage that you are enjoying them raw and in greater concentration.

Heat can destroy some nutrients, so taking them as raw juices will help you better protect your eyesight.

You can make many juices with your blender, especially if you use the softer fruits such as grapes, blueberries, raspberries, plums, peaches, nectarines, and strawberries. Make a smoothie by adding a banana to thicken things up.

If you use purple or red grapes instead of green ones, along with blueberries, you’ll be adding anthocyanins to your system, which can help your night vision and strengthen the capillaries in your eyes.

Vegetable juices will require a juicer. A quality juicer will cost well over $100; however, if you plan to get juiced a lot, you'll need a machine that will stand up to this use.

Look for a juicer with a powerful motor, a large intake and pusher, and parts that are easily cleaned. You can juice just about any vegetable, including green leafy vegetables that give you carotenoids.

Here are some things to remember if you plan on getting juiced a lot.

  • If you’re diabetic, don’t drink too many fruit juices.

  • If you have problems with kidney stones, avoid making    juices from beets, spinach and chard.

  • Fruit juices will be digested faster than vegetable juices, so    don’t mix them, with the exception of apples, which can be    used to sweeten vegetable juices.

  • Don’t gulp down your juices. Too much juice at once in the    stomach can cause upset, especially with the vegetable    juices.

  • To spice up your juices, add ginger, cinnamon or other    spices. You can also add ginseng, ginkgo biloba, astragalus    or other herbs with healing properties to help boost your    immunity, brain power, and general well-being while you're    getting juiced.

  • If you like your drinks cold, add ice while you’re juicing.

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