Cost of Eyelid Surgery

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In the past, the cost of eyelid surgery was one of the biggest prohibitive obstacles for people who wanted to undergo the procedure, but these days that cost has deflated somewhat, opening up the option of eyelid surgery to a wider group of people. If you have bags around your eyes or drooping eyelids, you might be one of the many people who stand to benefit from cosmetic eyelid surgery. This is a procedure that's done by thousands of people each and every year, and there is actually very little risk of side effects, especially when compared to other types of invasive cosmetic surgery.

Of course, it's usually the cost of eyelid surgery that plays a role in the decision process more than anything else. You need to make sure your budget can support not only the surgery itself, but also the medications you'll need afterward and the timer away from work during the recovery phase after the surgery is completed. All of these factors add up to a whole that is much higher than the surface cost of the procedure, so you have to take everything into account when you're calculating how much you'll be spending on your eyelid surgery.

The fee quoted by your surgeon will usually cover the cost of the anesthesia, the surgeon, and the use of the facility. The cost of eyelid surgery will also vary depending on how intensive the work needs to be. Some people only want either their lower or upper eyelids worked on, while other people need work to be done on all four of their eyelids. During your initial consultation you'll be able to get a general idea of how much you will need to pay for the surgery, although that number can change by the time you actually schedule an operating day. Make sure you get the full amount before pledging to anything your budget won't be able to cover, and again factor in the extra costs as mentioned in the first paragraph.

For lower and upper blepharoplasty, the medical term for eyelid surgery, the average cost is around $2,800, which will likely fluctuate depending on what state you are in. Since that number is an average, you'll be able to find plastic surgeons that charge less if you look in the right places. To break the cost of eyelid surgery down into manageable parts, that fee usually covers the anesthesia cost, which is usually between $400 and $900; the fee for the facility, which usually hovers around $1,000; and the cost of the surgeon himself, who may charge over $1,000 for the simple hour long procedure.

Of course, if you want both eyelids worked on the cost of eyelid surgery will be much higher, usually a little above $4,000. It's actually more cost effective to have both of them done at the same time because the facility fee will stay the same and the anesthesia fee should only go up a little bit. You're really only paying extra for the surgeon's time.

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Cost of Eyelid Surgery to Protect Your Eye Sight

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