Eyelid Lift Surgery

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Getting eyelid lift surgery is a decision made by thousands of Americans annually, and if you've been considering it as an option to rejuvenate your face and remove sagging skin, there are some important things you should know about the surgery. Professionals usually call eyelid surgery blepharoplasty, and one of the most important phases of the procedure is not the surgery itself but the recovery period afterward. It's during this time that your skin will heal and the effects of the surgery will really become prominent, so be sure you know everything about the recovery before you go in for the treatment.

Immediately after the surgery you'll have to spend a few hours in a recovery room at the clinic where you'll be monitored to ensure that the surgery is going to hold. After that time, you'll have the option of either staying in the hospital overnight or going home that same evening, although if you opt to go home you will have to have someone available to drive you. It's extremely dangerous to try to drive directly after an eyelid lift surgery, and you'll be putting both yourself and the lives of countless innocent motorists at risk.

During your first few hours of recovery, your vision will probably be blurry and unfocused. Remember that this is normal; it's caused by the eye lubricant used during surgery. It's easy to get yourself worked up into a panic when you come out of any eye surgery and find that you can't see anymore, but just stay calm and remember that it's a normal side effect that will completely go away before long. However, if it DOESN'T go away, make sure your surgeon knows about it as soon as possible because he may need to perform a follow up surgery to take care of the problem.

After you go home, you should expect to set aside anywhere between seven and ten days for a full recovery. Try to keep yourself from straining too hard during that time. It's highly recommended that you take time off from work to get a proper recovery, because working or adding too much stress will increase your risk of developing a negative side effect.

It's all right to wear eyeglasses whenever you want after the surgery, but you should avoid using contact lenses until at least two weeks have passed and you're sure there's no risk of infection. Some doctors will recommend waiting at least a month after surgery to start wearing your contacts again, but that's something you'll have to discuss with your surgeon.

Sleeping is going to be one of the hardest parts of your eyelid lift surgery recovery; during this time, you should keep your head elevated as much as possible. If you sleep with your head at the same level as your body your eyelids could swell up and become infected. Use two or three pillows under your head, neck, and upper back. It's possible that you'll also have to wear an eye mask until your eyelids are healed.

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