Herbal Supplement Relaxed my Lazy Eye.

by Carol E. Howell
(Danville VA USA)

I am a 48-year old fairly attractive female and I was born blind in my left eye.

I had two eye muscle surgeries that helped relax the eye to make the eyes better aligned, but since I have gotten older, I have found that certain vitamins, medications, and drinks affect my lazy eye by making my eyes feel distorted and look misaligned.

A problem like this affects my self-esteem, vision, and feeling the distorted vision makes me realize they must look terrible.

Ironically, I started taking 5-HTP at night to help me sleep better and my eyes started working better together as well as my focus.

Don't get me wrong, I still have my "bad" days, but even the bad days of distorted vision don't even come to the days prior to taking these vitamins.

I thought if I shared my story with someone else with the same problem, maybe these vitamins may help them as much as they have me!!

I take 2-500mg 5-HTP about three to four hours before bedtime.

So far, so good!! They have certainly made a difference in my life.

Carol E. Howell

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