How To Care For Your Safely Glasses

by James Cole
(London, UK)

Wearing protective vision aids such as glasses and goggles is important to keep your sight from harm’s way. It is also important to care for the these aids so they are in good working order when you need them. Protective aids do not have an expiration date, it is really down to how well you are able to care for them.

Here are couple of tips to help:

1. Hold the frame correctly - Holding the frame should always be done using both hands to hold both sides of the frame. Otherwise, one side of the frame bears all the weight and the frame might bend. When cleaning the aid make sure to place it on a clean and straight surface, preferably a soft surface.

2. Store when not in use - When the aid is not warn, always place it in a protective case. Damage from accidentally sitting on the frame, dropping it and from other items rubbing against the safety glasses lens is avoidable.

3. Attach a cord to the frame - The frame might slide off your face due to your particular face shape, due to the frame shape and due to your activity at the time. A simple cord will prevent damage from falling off.

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