How to Protect Your Eyesight

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Learning how to protect your eyesight isn't hard, but unfortunately a lot of people never really take the time to make it a daily routine. Most of us take our eyesight for granted; it just seems like something that's always going to be there, especially if you're still young. As you age however, the effects of improper eye care become more and more noticeable. Taking steps to protect your eyesight on a daily basis is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. Here are a few tips on how to protect your eyesight that you can put into effect immediately.

First of all, this is tip is mostly for people who work in front of computers, try to give your eyes a chance to focus on objects of varying distances. If you spend most of your day in front of a computer, it's easy to forget that you're not really doing anything except looking at one object approximately a foot in front of you for about 8 hours a day. This will really weaken your vision over time, because your eyes will just get used to that one point of focus. Eventually this will lead to a weakening of the ocular muscles, the muscles surrounding the eyeball, and in the end will contribute to macular degeneration, as you get older.

Your ocular muscles are just like any other muscle in the body; they need to be exercised constantly to keep them in prime working condition. You can perform a simple one-minute exercise every twenty minutes or so that will strengthen your eyes. A few times an hour, just look away from the computer screen and focus on something about twenty feet away from you. Hold your focus on that object for about twenty seconds, and then focus on something farther away for the same amount of time. It's easy to do, it doesn't take more than a minute, and you will be surprised at the effect this has on your vision.

This simple trick will also help reduce tension headaches and the dreaded “computer vision syndrome” that a lot of computer workers suffer from. It's something that should become a part of your daily routine.

Another way to keep your eyes going might seem a little counterintuitive at first, but it actually makes a lot of sense. If you have constantly dry eyes, one of your first actions will probably be to get some eye drops or artificial tears. These will lubricate your eyes and relieve some of the irritation that happens when they are too dry. Doing this might actually harm your eyes, however. When you allow your eyes to depend on these artificial tears, they will be less inclined to continue production of their own tears. Eventually this will have a really negative effect because when you run out of eye drops your eyes will be even worse than before. Learning how to protect your eyesight is all about keeping your eyes strong.

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