Old Eyes

by J. Vigeant
(Los Angeles)

My eyesight had never been good even as a young child. My parents were older to begin with so I had "old eyes" at age 16. I had alternately worn contacts or reading glasses all my life starting at age 12. Let me say that I also had a highly stressful childhood, my mother knew nothing of proper eye vitamins. She believed what she heard that there was no help for vision issues, vision was what it was. What was it that God said, "My people die for lack of knowledge." He meant this. Lack of applied understanding results in illness and sometimes death.

Fast forward to the last ten years, life has been chronically stressful. In spite of all the mega-vitamins I've been taking the last five years to try to at least keep stable vision and diagnosed with fibromyalgia (one of which symptoms is blurry vision with age), my vision level drastically dropped three consecutive days in a row some three years ago. I was beyond terrified and cried uncontrollably for fear of going totally blind. I went to see the eye doctor as they had overnight become dry, itchy and bloodshot. He scolded me interminably,"What did you do to your eyes! Your vision has gone way down in only 30 days!" This was pure simple stress people and the doctor added more stress literally yelling at me and I never went back to him. Life in Los Angeles is expensive and highly stressful, unemployment hadn't helped. We have prayed to leave since moving in 4 years ago but God holds us here for His sovereign purposes. In prayer my husband asked God to heal my sight and the answer came back immediately that my eyesight would be just fine as soon as were were financially able to move out of the horrendous situation we were in. The Apostle Paul was blind too even as he wrote Revelation in exile on the island of Patmos, I feel I am in good company. Extraordinary faith is all that's holding me together right now and I praise Him for the blurry vision that I do have because it could be far worse, I could be totally blind.

No amount of vitamins I have taken over the last three years has corrected my vision. This is a tremendous test of faith and patience. I have no other problems, glaucoma, cateracts, macular degeneration...just stress. Even my husband's sight has been affected by the amount of computer use. I'm just having faith and taking lots of Vit A and other suggested supplements and waiting...

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