Protect Your Eyesight

by subhomita
(mumbai, maharashtra, india)

I am 20 year old, girl with a simple and helping nature. I am a student and as a student the usage of my eyes is very important, as we have to sit hours and hours in front of computer to do projects, research, assignments and so on.

In this busy life we don't find time to care for our eyes which are a god gift to us humans...

One evening I was watching s movie on my PC. Suddenly my younger brother came in to my room to search for his notes as he was studying and in a hurry to get his work, his hand suddenly hit my right eye and for some time I could see back spots from my right eye.

I called my dad and he said put some cold water in your eye so that you can feel good. Oh! god the pain was like hell I can't bare it.

Next day I went to doctor but doctor had already left before I arrived so... I could not show the doctor my injured eye. I wanted to go the next day but due to some strict problems I could not...

2 days... gone!! and I could not do anything. But, yes pain was vanishing as the days were passing...

After that I did not go to doctor since I felt my eye is good and is in very good condition so...

I just want to say to all of you that, I was lucky that nothing happened to my eye but this same story does repeat again and again with different person.

Please go for regular checkup by taking time out from your busy schedule. Eyes are a gift from god, protect your eyesight.

Not every person is blessed with eyes so, I ask you to donate your eyes as it could be very useful for other people who could not see the beautiful world like you and me.

I, will also donate my eyes when I die, so I will be in this world after my death with a different personality. After a person dies his/her eyes are actually wasted, in my point of view. So, I decided to donate my eyes and not to waste them.

"I will see this world after my death also!"

Thank You!


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