Computer Screens and high blood-glucose problems

by John Brown
(Northamptonshire, UK)

Back in 2003 I was diabetic for a few months following a big weight loss on a restricted diet. I exercised and took lots of protein, and was completely cleared on a 75gm. glucose load test 12 months later.

My GP arranged a retinal photograph and there was no damage or "retinopathy".
An optician's visit resulted in two pairs of spectacles which were unusable, and my old 1.5 diopters were no longer good enough when using a computer screen.

I read up on Eye Care Exercises, from the web. I did near-far focusing and the clock exercise and eye-ball rolling.

My vision became much clearer, sharper and more colorful, particularly into the corners.
Since then I have just bought 1.0 or 1.5 diopter specs from budget shops, with 2.0 for reading in bad light or late in the day.

I went for a routine retinal screening recently. Nowadays they use digital photography instead of film, as in 2003, and they can zoom in on smaller detail.

I was called in for the hospital ophthalmologist who examined my Retina through his microscope, and he did find tiny micro-aneurisms and hemorrhages in my left eye.

In the last 14 weeks since that visit, I have lost 1.5 stone in weight, and cut out most carbohydrate from my diet. I take a 20 minute walk after breakfast and dinner.

I take 500mg. vitamin C every 3 hours, and 4mg. of Astaxanthin every day, as well as my usual vitamin E, D, B100 and B12, 2gm. fish oil, 250mcg selenium, 50gm. zinc and 500gm. magnesium.

My eyesight is now much clearer, and my eyes do not tire so quickly on the computer. So I hope when I see the ophthalmologist in March, he will give me the all-clear, which he thought possible since a recent glucose load showed me to be completely normal.

Recent Japanese papers indicate that Diabetic Retinopathy can be caused by peaks in blood-glucose after meals, and that blood vessels develop a sensitivity to high-glucose after frequent exposure.

I think the lesson is that even if you are not at all diabetic or insulin resistant, you still need to keep your blood-glucose low. I am 61.

Remember nothing beats a healthy diet with the right balance of Vitamins and Minerals when it comes to preventing an Eyesight Problem.

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