by Robert
(New York, Hudson Valley area)

My macular degeneration came upon me rather quickly in time. One day I decided my vision was no longer what it was. As a professional, I could no longer read without a magnifying glass so I saw an opthalmologist who referred me further to a retinologist. He took pictures of my eyes and found the macula in trouble, both eyes. I got new glasses which helped a bit and a higher power glass.

The therapy prescribed was Preservision with Lutein. Nothing else can be done, apparently. I feel it is worsening as to my central vision. Peripheral is fine.

I make many errors in computer typing and can no longer read newspapers without s strong magnifying glass. I am the first in my family to get this problem. It is my belief that, as a youngster, I spent much time outdoors lying in the sun to be tanned.

I did not have Sunglasses as at that time we did not know the great dangers of the sun. I am now going on 76

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