Glasses And Contacts - Are A Crutch


Some highly respected doctors have stated the following about the continued use of glasses and contacts:

"The emphasis on compensatory lenses has posed a problem for many years in our examinations. These lenses do not correct anything and may not serve the patient in his best interests over a period of time." CJ. Forkiortis, OEP Curriculum

"Single-vision lenses for full-time use produce accommodative insufficiency associated with additional symptoms until the patient gets used to the lens. This is usually accompanied by a further increase in myopia and the cycle begins anew." M.H. Birnbaum, Review of Optometry.

Now, glasses and contacts are a great fix for many people, but the fact is they are a crutch.

Glasses and contacts do not repair your vision. They simply put a band-aid over the condition.

Have you ever gone in for an eye-exam and had the doctor say: "great news, your vision improved another 2 diopters. Looks like you need a lower prescription." I didn't think so!

Just like your body, your eyes can be strengthened. Specially designed optical exercises can reverse the cycle of deterioration your eyes experience everyday, and dramatically improve the clarity of your vision. Envision

Here's how they work:

•Due to many stresses put upon the visual system, the use of glasses and contacts, and the natural aging process, your eyes can become weak and distorted causing blurred vision. Coral Calcium

•The Vision for Life program is designed to strengthen and relax your eyes just as you would any other weak part of your body, improving your vision and helping you to see clearly -- naturally.

•This is easily achieved through a specific series of optical drills and eye exercises that stimulate these integral components of the eye in a manner that would never be achieved through normal daily use. Protect Your Precious Vision.

•You will also learn over 7 special techniques that are essential in preventing further deterioration of your eyesight and preserving your vision for years to come. Save Up to 75%on Vitamins.

These optical exercises stimulate the integral components of the eye in a manner that would never beachieved through normal daily use. They are proven to dramatically help conditions such as: Vision Supplements

1) Aging Vision
2) Nearsightedness
3) Astigmatism

4) Farsightedness

I will try to make it short. At Vision for Life, we provide a natural vision improvement system that is helping thousands to improve and restore their vision without glasses, contacts, or surgery. VisionEye Formulas

The program compiles more than 75 years of scientific research dedicated to improving and strengthening the eyes' focusing abilities. It guides you step-by-step, minute-by-minute through a daily series of optical eye exercises and drills that are designed to stimulate and strengthen the eye, redirecting your point of focus and allowing you to regain clear vision, naturally. Specifically developed for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, the program touts a very high success rate. Protecting Your Vision

The exercises and techniques are designed to strengthen and relax the muscles of your eye just as you would any other weak part of your body, improving your vision and helping you to see clearly -- naturally. Eye Sight

The program is very easy to understand and takes about 25 minutes a day. After you achieve your desired goals of vision improvement you will need to do some maintenance, between 20 and 40 minutes per week (1 - 2 days) for the first few months. After that you will only need to perform a session once or twice per month on an as required basis. If you feel your vision is starting to deteriorate you can begin the program again for years to come. Heart & Body Extract

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