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At links we know we can't provide all the information you need to help your eyes stay safe and healthy. We also know that you don't have a lot of time to go surfing all over the Web, looking for useful information. So we've gone surfing for you.

We haven't added just any old site here. We're very picky about the sites we associate with (unlike our very unpicky eating habits!). What we've added, and continue to add, are sites that we like to use, and believe are worthy of our time, and yours.

Click here to view our collection of valuable protect your eyesight resources for you.

Calling Certain Webmasters

Did Protect-Your-Eyesight help you treat your eyesight? Did it help you prevent future problems? If it did, and you're as particular about whom you link with as we are, please help us get the word out to more people.

If your web site's about eyesight, or health in general, place a link on your site to this one. Your link to us helps convince the search engines that Protect-Your-Eyesight is a valuable health and first aid web site.

We've included some suggested text for you to use. Simply copy one of them from here and paste it into one of your site's pages. Suggested locations are your resources page, or on a specific topic page. If you can, please put the link on a page that's only one click away from the home page.

We appreciate your support in helping us help people around the world protect their eyesight from harm and lessen their suffering.

If you have a web site that provides valuable information, and that fits with the subject of protect your eyesight resources, or health, please complete the following form with the details.

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